Partners and New Use Cases Help Fuel Rapid Growth of the Oasis Parcel Ecosystem

Since its launch, Oasis Parcel has had significant growth and adoption by developers. Our partner Ecosystem not only has grown, but it now has applications in various industries such as Healthcare, Finance, Genomics, Cybersecurity, and more. Now more than ever, it is critical to enable privacy, and our vision is to break data silos and empower individuals to own and control how their data is used.

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Since its launch, Oasis Labs' Oasis Parcel has had significant growth and adoption by developers. Our partner Ecosystem not only has grown, but it now has applications in various industries such as healthcare, finance, genomics, cybersecurity and more. Now more than ever, it is critical to enable privacy, and our vision is to break data silos and empower individuals to own and control how their data is used.

What is Oasis Parcel?

Parcel is a set of privacy-first, data governance APIs designed to give users better control of their data and oversight of how it is used. It enables developers to securely store sensitive user data, define and enforce usage policies over that sensitive data, share tamper-proof logs of access history with their users and deploy an isolated compute environment for privacy-preserving analysis.

Parcel supports data tokenization, a unique capability that enables the generation of tokens from data, together with access control policies set by the data owners. When a consumer buys these tokens, also called Data NFTs, they get the ability to run select analyses on the data that backs the Data NFTs, subject to the policies set by the data owners. Parcel and its data tokenization capabilities are a critical pillar to realizing our vision of true data ownership and responsible data use.

The Parcel runtime broadly provides the following capabilities for developers,

  1. Enable end-users to take control of their data and set access control policies around data use
  2. Enable data consumers to run computations on the data such that the data is never accessed in its raw unencrypted form but is instead used within hardware trusted execution environments to provide data confidentiality in use
  3. Enable data tokenization, where data owners can monetize their data by selling these data-backed tokens, otherwise known as Data NFTs at Oasis, in data markets. Consumers that buy these tokens gain access to run specific computation jobs on the data with monetary flows back to the data owners
  4. Enable audit trails of all transactions that are maintained on a ledger

Significant Growth

Since its launch, over 20 companies have partnered with us and are actively building on the Parcel runtime. Parcel has seen significant growth in usage over the last six months. We highlight some of the usage metrics of Parcel before we dive into some of the companies building on Parcel.

Figure~1. The number of Parcel API calls per month

Figure~2. The number of confidential compute jobs run per month

Figure~3. The growth in data being stored and secured on Parcel in Gb

As shown in Figures 1, 2 and 3, there is steady growth in the number of API calls which was nearly 1 million in the last month, with the number of confidential compute jobs run on Parcel currently at around 15,000 per month. Finally, the end-user data secured by Parcel has grown close to 1Tb in the six months leading up to the time of writing.

Robust Ecosystem and Enterprise Use Cases

In addition to providing an API for exercising the above capabilities, Parcel enables language-agnostic application development, which expands the reach of blockchain networks into blockchain-aware start-ups and established enterprises. We have several partnerships in place (in production or in beta) across various industries, showcasing the value and advancements privacy-preserving technologies can bring across all sectors.



Genetica is the fastest-growing genomics company in Asia. Their proprietary technology allows individuals to receive valuable insights into their genetic makeup. Service providers with expertise in specific conditions that are identifiable from genomes use the platform to request access to genomes and tailor their expertise to target populations. End-users get compensated for contributing their genomes via both crypto rewards and genetic insights.

Our partnership with Genetica helps them provide stronger privacy guarantees to their customers. By securing the sequenced genome data with Parcel, users will be able to control its usage (even completely revoking access).

Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics is the first company to have integrated with Parcel and Oasis in genomics. Nebula enables their end users to take control of their fully sequenced genomes and provide Nebula consent to analyze their genomes and provide interpretations of their polygenic risk score. Partnering with Oasis has enabled them to offer privacy-first genetic testing, along with strong confidentiality guarantees for what is the quintessential identity of every individual.

Nebula Genomics issued a Data NFT of their founder and the father of genomics, Prof. George Church’s genome on the Oasis platform.



Castalise is working with Parcel to provide their customers the ability to share data in the B2B space. The data is maintained confidentially on Parcel and a business as a consumer of that data can run their analysis programs on the data using Parcel confidential compute. A representative use-case for Castalise is enabling pharmaceutical companies to try-before-they-buy various datasets for use in clinical trials.

Ruyi Health

Ruyi Health integrates patients’ at-home health monitoring devices with EHR data to provide doctors with holistic and continuous monitoring of their patients’ health. They use the Parcel consent management workflow to capture consent and maintain their customer’s data with confidentiality in use and rely on the security model of the Oasis network to protect these highly sensitive digital assets.



Awarded as World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer in 2020, Bitmark is a company that has been focused on providing users the ability to monetize their data as a non-fungible asset and participate in marketplaces. Bitmark sees Parcel as critical in achieving its mission and is now integrating it into its two products, Feral File and Autonomy.

Feral File is an NFT art marketplace that enables artists to make art as limited edition NFTs that they can then sell via online exhibitions. Users buy these NFTs and gain access to the digital files with provenance maintained on a blockchain.

Autonomy is a mobile app that uses the Parcel runtime to store NFTs safely, securely, and sustainably over long periods and enable computation on them, in a confidential environment, without ever revealing the underlying data. It enables users to store their financial, social, and health data on Oasis and participate in data marketplaces.


Auth3 has used Parcel and its tokenization support to build a data monetization platform.

MetaMirror uses the data management and privacy-preserving features of the Parcel ParaTime to enable individuals to participate in the metaverse and earn income with their data while maintaining control. The team introduced the Oasis AI ROSE NFT Collection, the first NFT collection supported by the MetaMirror platform minted on the Oasis Network. It consists of 999 AI-generated images of roses tokenized on the Oasis network into NFTs.

Social is a company that wants to make people’s memories searchable through the creation of AI avatars. They do this through Stack, a structured timeline of memory blocks enriched by AI transformers and secured by Blockchain, and Prime, a conversational AI that is continuously learning from the related Stack for real-time recall.

They are an early adopter of Parcel and are now in controlled beta. The partnership with Oasis and Parcel helps them provide end-to-end user privacy and confidentiality guarantees while ensuring optimal user experience by maintaining storage and compute off-chain.

The Music Fund

The Music Fund provides financial services for the new creator economy. Built on algorithmic forecasting, it needs data to predict future streaming revenues of artists, some of which are highly sensitive and private.

Using Parcel they are able to store artists credentials confidentially, pull data feeds from online streaming services, and use that data within confidential compute workers provided by Parcel to estimate future revenue streams based on past performance. They chose Parcel because it enabled them to quickly and easily give artists a way to share sensitive streaming and financial information with us while maintaining their privacy and sovereignty over the data. Fans get compensated for their support via rewards.


CryptoSafe Alliance

The Binance-led CryptoSafe Alliance allows Alliance members to share and access threat intelligence data across exchanges and DeFi platforms.

Binance partnered with Oasis Parcel to provide a platform where exchanges could collaboratively reduce and ultimately prevent fraud while protecting the confidentiality of each participant’s sensitive data in a decentralized manner.



Safe Rate has the vision to be the Operation System of Homeownership. They offer a flexible mortgage product that provides homeowners with automatic payment reductions in difficult times. They are working closely with Oasis on multiple fronts to take their vision to reality — stay tuned. SafeRate chose Oasis because of our privacy-first approach and believe it is the only solution out there right now that helps them deliver systemic change to the home buying and ownership ecosystem, helping not only homeowners but also investors that want to fund home purchases based on specific criteria.

Oasis Robust Ecosystem is Continually Expanding

The Parcel applications above are a glimpse of a complete Oasis ecosystem; Oasis is continually improving its services to benefit its growing community of users. As such, here are some of the contributors of Oasis’ ecosystem:

Grant ProgramThe program supports developers building on Oasis Network

$200 Million Ecosystem FundThe fund features numerous partners interested in Oasis’ focus areas: DeFi, NFTs, metaverse and data tokenization.

DeFi ProjectsOasis is expanding its services through DeFi projects within its ecosystem. The past year saw the launch of DeFi on Oasis, with platforms like Wormhole and YuzuSwap leading the way. More innovative DeFi platforms will likely set up shop in 2022 and beyond to benefit the Oasis community.

NFTs — NFTs have arrived in the Oasis ecosystem through the Oasis AI ROSE NFT Collection supported by MetaMirror. The Oasis community should expect more NFT collections as Oasis continues to grow.

If you’re a developer and would like to discover Parcel, you can get started with our Quick Start Guide here.

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