Q1 2022 Oasis Community Townhall Recap

Another quarter over and what a quarter it was for the Oasis Community. In this Community Townhall we:Recap the explosive growth on EmeraldReveal the Q1/Q2 2022 RoadmapShow how NFTs are evolving on Oasis w/ real-world use casesTalk about how the $200M Ecosystem Fund will support building the future of web3 on Oasis.

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Another quarter over and what a quarter it was for the Oasis Community. In this Community Townhall we:

  • Recap the explosive growth on Emerald
  • Reveal the Q1/Q2 2022 Roadmap
  • Show how NFTs are evolving on Oasis w/ real-world use cases
  • Talk about how the $200M Ecosystem Fund will support building the future of web3 on Oasis

You can see the full recording on our YouTube channel and also download the slides here.

Key network highlights

Growth is inevitable when you combine an incredible community with an amazing team.

  • $180M TVL within 4 days of launch!
  • 11 NFT Collections in the past month — AI ROSE NFT hit 3M $ROSE trading volume
  • @Yuzu_Swap hit >$1B in trading volume in less than 1 month

The Core team is constantly working on improving and evolving Oasis technology and our developer ecosystem.

  • New Oasis CLI w/ improved wallet/network management for developers
  • ParaTime support for transaction batch scheduling
  • Improvements to ParaTime transaction pool & P2P Stack

The Oasis 2022 Roadmap: Q1 & Q2

The Oasis Emerald ParaTime paved a new path for scaling DeFi to the masses with high throughput & low transaction fees — 99% lower than ETH! The core team is constantly monitoring its performance and improving with 3 new versions of Emerald launched in January alone!

Join the future of DeFi and web3 — Start building on Emerald

The Oasis Cipher ParaTime will unlock new possibilities for DeFi with its unique privacy features, protecting the identity, balance, and transactions of users.

This will include:

  • Private & Under-Collateralized Lending
  • Private DEXes
  • Private Stablecoins
  • Private Payments

Celebrating the $200M Oasis Ecosystem Fund and our amazing partners!

We can’t wait to build the future of web3 on Oasis with the help of @AMECloudVC, @hashed_official, @jumpcapital, @Simply_VC, @GSR_io, @BinanceLabs, @dragonfly_cap, @QCPCapital, @PanteraCapital, @ElectricCapital, @DraperDragon.

The Oasis Ecosystem Review:

  • Launched DeFi (Emerald ParaTime)
  • Hit $100M TVL 12 hours after launch
  • Surpassed 1B in trading volume in less than 1 month
  • Integrated 2 cross-chain bridges to support Emerald
  • Community built 4+ DEXes & Lending Protocols

Building a Better Internet for Everyone

  • 15 projects are in the Oasis @MetaMindLabs Accelerator building the next gen of DeFi, NFT, Gaming, & Privacy DApps.
  • Applications for the Oasis @DappRadar Accelerator open soon!
  • Several projects were awarded $ROSE Bloom Grants

Oasis is the ideal network for supporting NFTs

In addition to the AI ROSE NFT Collection with the @auth3_network, several community-led projects have launched on Oasis And there’s plenty more to come.

Long term vision for Bitmark’s Autonomy product is to pay everyone an income on the data they create.

We’re partnering with @BitmarkInc to integrate Parcel into their products and platforms, including @FeralFile, a home for new media, and file-based art With Parcel, @FeralFile will help the entire artistic ecosystem preserve and authenticate digital art.

With the @auth3_network and the MetaMirror platform, the Oasis community was given the opportunity to take ownership of their data for a chance to receive one of the first NFTs built on Oasis — the AI ROSE NFT Collection.

The collection is now at 3.5M $ROSE in trading volume!

Community Updates

After explosive growth across social and community channels (>130K on Twitter!), we’re taking the Oasis Community to the next level:

  • Weekly AMAs
  • Orientation Videos for Newcomers & Long-Timers
  • Monthly Social Campaigns
  • VR Metaverse Meetups
  • Ambassador Program 7.0

The Community Garden is LIVE

The Oasis Community Garden is your one-stop-shop for everything related to the Oasis Community, including network updates, social media activations, events, forums (to meet, greet, & vibe), and more!

It’s also now the helpdesk for the community — you can submit support tickets on anything to do with the network (NB: Support guys can’t tell you where the price of the ROSE token is going…)

Start using your Oasis Garden now → https://oasisrose.garden

TL;DR — The Oasis Community TownHall

  • Explosive growth on Emerald
  • NFTs are evolving on Oasis w/ real-world use cases
  • The $200M Ecosystem Fund will support building the future of web3 on Oasis

Thanks for tuning in! Catch the full recap at https://youtube.com/watch?v=XnEI5qbeEtM and download the slides here.

Remember to stay in touch via our community channels:

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