The Oasis Second State Community Hackathon

Earn token rewards, build DApps, and run your Ethereum App on the Oasis Network.

Earn token rewards, build DApps, and run your Ethereum App on the Oasis Network.

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Today we’re announcing our most exciting community event to date, and a chance for community members to earn some of the largest rewards we’ve ever offered. Last week we launched Mainnet Beta and released Second State’s Oasis Ethereum ParaTime. The ParaTime’s powerful design and technology means the Oasis Ethereum ParaTime is:

  • Completely backwards compatible with Ethereum with support for the entire Solidity toolchain, allowing it to support DApps currently on the Ethereum network.
  • Much more performant than Ethereum with throughput order of magnitude higher and only 6s confirmation times.
  • Cheaper than Ethereum, with gas fees that are less than 1% of those on Ethereum — making using and running DApps on the Oasis Network much more affordable.
  • Easy-to-use web-based development environment that makes its easy to build and deploy smart contracts.

To showcase Second State’s support for Ethereum we’re partnering on a new Community Hackathon! Simply complete a series of challenges on the Second State Oasis Ethereum ParaTime between October 12th and October 23rd and submit your results for a chance to win token rewards.

Hackathon Challenges

There are 3 challenges for you to complete. To earn rewards you must complete at least one of the challenges and submit it using the submission form here. Additional terms and conditions apply. See details here.

The Hackathon will leverage Second State’s new development environment which you can find on their website here.

Challenge #1: Build & Deploy the Tutorial DApp

Reward: 25–50 ROSE

The first challenge is straightforward and only takes about 10 minutes. Complete the tutorial on Second State’s website and deploy your instance of the tutorial DApp.


Start the Second State’s tutorial here.

How to claim your reward:

Submit the URL of your published tutorial DApp and social media post here.

Bonus prize:

Earn 25 ROSE if you share your completed tutorial DApp on social media.

Challenge #2: Build & Deploy your Own DApp

Reward: 100-15.1k ROSE

Create and publish your own DApp that is substantially different from the default example. This can be a new DApp or something you’ve ported from Ethereum.


Use Second State’s development environment to build and deploy your DApp.

How to claim your reward:

Submit the URL for your DApp here.

Bonus prize:

  • 5000 ROSE: Most popular Ethereum DApp ported to the Oasis Ethereum ParaTime (Selected from DApps submitted for challenge #2)
  • 10000 ROSE: Most innovative DeFi DApp as determined by the Oasis & Second State Team. (Selected from DApps submitted for challenge #2.)

Challenge #3: Build & Deploy an ERC20 Token Contract

Reward: 100–500 ROSE

For the final challenge, create and publish an ERC20 token contract. This can be an existing ERC20 token or an entirely new one.


Use Second State’s development environment to build and deploy your ERC20 token contract.

How to claim your reward:

Submit the address for your ERC20 token contract here.

Bonus Prize

  • 400 ROSE: Second State has an instance of Uniswap on the Oasis Network. You can see it here. If you successfully create a liquidity pool for your ERC-20 token in the Oasis installation of Uniswap you will receive an additional 400 ROSE

Questions or issues?

We’ll be here to help along the way. If you need to get in touch, you can reach us in the following places:

Good luck in the competition! We’re eager to see the creative DApps and ideas that you submit.

Terms and conditions apply. See details here.

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