The Quest for ROSE Hackathon

The Quest for ROSE kicks off Nov. 9th!

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The Quest for ROSE kicks off Nov. 9th!

The Oasis Foundation is excited to announce The Quest for ROSE: An Oasis Network Hackathon in partnership with Gitcoin. Designed to power the next generation of privacy-preserving applications, the Oasis Network is a scalable Layer-1 protocol with built in features that allow your users to better control and own their data and complete backwards compatibility with Ethereum. Through the Quest for ROSE hackathon we hope to inspire developers like yourself to build new, creative applications that can leverage the Oasis Network’s unique privacy technology to expand the scope of blockchain applications and bring decentralized technology to the mainstream.

We have over $11,000 in prizes, including the Oasis Network’s native ROSE tokens, exclusive swag from the Oasis Foundation and partners, cloud credits, product discounts, and more! As the biggest Oasis Network Hackathon to date, we see The Quest for ROSE as an opportunity to bring together a growing international community of creative, innovative, and collaborative developers who are passionate about building a better internet.

We make it easy for developers with all kinds of programming experience to bring their ideas to life on The Oasis Network. Developers who are passionate about creating privacy-first applications can leverage the Parcel SDK on the Oasis Network to empower users to take back control of their data and their digital experiences. With the Parcel SDK, building privacy-first applications is easier than ever. For example, Oasis Labs recently partnered with Nebula Genomics to allow their users to own their personal genome data and control how it’s analyzed using the Parcel SDK and the Oasis Network.

Developers who have experience using Solidity to develop Ethereum applications can leverage the Oasis Ethereum ParaTime to build their own Solidity based DApps on the Oasis Network or bring leading smart contracts like Uniswap, Compound, and other DeFi protocols to the Oasis Network. You can learn more about the Oasis Network’s backwards compatibility with Ethereum in our recent blog here.

The Oasis Foundation is proud to organize this hackathon in partnership with top developers, academics, business leaders, and researchers, including Second State, Nebula Genomics, Figment, Blockchain at Berkeley, London Blockchain Labs, and many others.

To get started visit our hackathon page on Gitcoin here. We look forward to seeing what you will build!

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