Fountain Protocol Launches on Oasis Network with a Liquidity Mining Program

A one-stop platform for managing DeFi assets

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A One-Stop Platform for Managing DeFi Assets

We’re delighted to announce that the Fountain Protocol will be deployed on Oasis Mainnet on February 28, 2022, at 9:00 am EST. This event marks a significant milestone in the development of Fountain. You can find more info at

What is Fountain Protocol?

Fountain Protocol is the first cross-chain lending platform powered by Oasis Network. The protocol enables users to experience high capital efficiency and one-stop management of DeFi assets. Taking advantage of the extremely efficient and low-cost Oasis Network, Fountain Protocol establishes a multi-revenue protocol with a fund pool as the core and multiple application scenarios.

Although the Fountain Protocol will begin by launching the lending pool on Oasis Network, this is only the first step toward the larger objective. Fountain aims to establish a multi-revenue protocol with a fund pool as the core and multiple application scenarios.

The security of Fountain is the highest priority, and the team is laser-focused on building a protocol that is reliable and safe. Fountain Protocol smart contracts were audited by PeckShield and Verilog.

Mainnet Launch

With the mission to create a high yield return, low gas fee and a smooth lending protocol where lending and borrowing are accessible to all, the team offers a Fountain Lending Pool, which allows users to deposit and borrow assets in the Pool to make profits.

This is the contract address of the protocol:


As of launch time, Fountain Protocol has opened markets for ROSE, WETH, USDC and USDT. Users will be able to lend and borrow each of these assets at rates determined by the market, with 60% loan-to-value ratios. Further markets will be added over time via governance. For more information on the governance process, please check out the Documents.

Liquidity Mining Program

Together with the launch of Fountain Mainnet, there will be a Liquidity Mining Program for suppliers and borrowers when participating in the Lending Pool on Oasis network. A total of 4,000,000,000 FTP (40% of total supply) tokens over the span of 4 years will be allocated across asset markets as liquidity incentives. Learn more here.

First-time users on Oasis, may refer to the official guides to prepare assets for the Fountain Protocol. FTP, the native token of the Fountain Protocol, will be used in the governance of Fountain.

Why Oasis?

As the leading privacy-enabled and scalable Layer-1 blockchain, Oasis Network is ideal for DeFi. It offers instant finality, 99% lower gas fees versus Ethereum, high throughput, privacy protection and defense against MEV.

Oasis Emerald, the EVM-compatible ParaTime, allows easy integration with EVM-based DApps, such as DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and crypto gaming. Since its launch in November 2021, network growth has increased rapidly.

What’s Next?

This mainnet launch is merely the start of Fountain Protocol’s journey. Based on the extremely efficient and low-cost Oasis Network, Fountain Protocol will establish a multi-revenue protocol with a fund pool as the core and multiple application scenarios, including the following:

- Expansion to other Chains

- Leverage Trading

- Cross-Chain Lending

Learn more here

Build on Oasis Network Today

Oasis is always ready to welcome new projects to the Network, and we have a $200 million Ecosystem System Fund to help you get started. For more information, click here.

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