Introducing the Oasis ROSE Garden

Supporting the security and stability of the Oasis Network through a novel staking and lockup mechanism on CoinList.

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Supporting the security and stability of the Oasis Network through a novel staking and lockup mechanism on CoinList.


  • The Oasis Foundation in collaboration with CoinList is launching the ROSE Garden
  • Participating in the ROSE Garden gives community members early access to the ROSE token and provides an opportunity for further staking rewards
  • The Oasis ROSE garden will help grow the Oasis community, while also supporting the stability and security of the Oasis Network
  • If you’d like to sign up for the ROSE Garden visit our page here.*

Introducing the Oasis ROSE Garden

The Oasis Network Mainnet Beta is now live: the network kicked off in less than one minute with over 70 validators and is running properly. In parallel, we launched a series of activities to give our community a chance to interact with Oasis Network ahead of Mainnet launch: over the last two months, thousands of users have participated in our Telegram AMAs, joined the first Oasis Community Cup, or submitted projects to the Second State Community Hackathon. The ROSE Garden is the next exciting activity to get involved.

Today, in collaboration with CoinList, we are announcing the Oasis ROSE Garden, a novel mechanism to reward ROSE tokens to the community, while also making the Oasis Network stronger and safer. By first ‘farming’ ROSE with USDC or USDT and then ‘cultivating’ (aka, staking) ROSE, community members can help contribute to the network longevity and support the growth of the Oasis Network while earning rewards in the form of ROSE tokens.

The Oasis ROSE Garden will not only support the Oasis Network, but also help grow the community by giving folks an opportunity to earn ROSE before Mainnet launch. If you’d like to sign up for the ROSE Garden visit our page here.

How it works

The ROSE Garden has two main phases: ROSE Farm and ROSE Cultivate. First ROSE is farmed by adding USDC or USDT to a pool. Second, farmed ROSE can be Cultivated (aka staked) on the network — supporting the stability and security of the Network in exchange for ROSE rewards. Here are the details of each phase:


Pool Size: 10M ROSE

Participants receive ROSE in exchange for temporarily adding USDC or USDT to the Farm pool. Participants lock up to $2,000 in USDC or USDT each for one month: a participant’s ROSE allocation is proportional to her share of the ROSE Farm pool; the USDC or USDT are returned after one month from the end of the Participation Window.

ROSE Cultivate

Pool Size: 20M ROSE

Participants receive more ROSE in exchange for staking the farmed ROSE. Participants stake the farmed ROSE for 5 months and receive ROSE rewards proportionally to her share of the ROSE Cultivate pool; additionally, by being Oasis stakers, ROSE Cultivate participants also receive staking rewards.

Get Started Today!

Participants who complete the deposit in the first week (by November 4th, 23.59 UTC) receive an additional 15% of their pro rata share of the ROSE Farm pool at the end of ROSE Farm.

In order to create fair conditions for everyone, we added an additional week before the ROSE Farm starts to pre-register and complete the verification process.

For more information on the ROSE Garden, visit the CoinList page here. Oasis Network team members, ambassadors, and community members are also available for questions in the official Telegram group.

There’s more!

ROSE holders may also have opportunities in the future to use ROSE to provide liquidity to a subsequent pool built on the Oasis Network in the future. For example, the team Second State (makers of is bringing both Uniswap and Balancer on the Oasis Network (more details will be provided at a later date) and, once these are built, ROSE holders will be able to provide liquidity to both of these products.

By adding ROSE to this on chain liquidity pool after ROSE Garden ends, ROSE holders can help native decentralized exchanges and automated market makers to fulfill incoming orders. In exchange for providing liquidity, participants may be rewarded additional tokens, issued as proof of liquidity. This mechanism helps ensure that making the network safer by staking doesn’t reduce the overall liquidity of the network.

More about Oasis

A next generation blockchain, the Oasis Network is the first scalable, privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy.

With its greater scalability and built-in privacy protection capabilities, the Oasis Network is able to power private, scalable DeFi — expanding it beyond traders and early adopters to a mass market, unlocking new use-cases like under-collateralized loans, private AMMs, and more. The Oasis Network’s privacy features can also create a new type of digital asset called Data Tokenization that allows users to take control of their data and earn rewards for staking it.

The Oasis Network’s powerful, privacy-enabled design is already being put to use with projects including CryptoSafe, a fraud detection platform, Nebula Genomics, the first consumer genomics application to give users complete control of their genome, and a Fortune 500 Healthcare Company portal for confidential data sharing.

Read more about the Oasis Network here.


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