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MetaMirror — The first NFT Marketplace on Oasis Network is live

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Following the successful launch of the MetaMirror project in November 2021, which includes the MetaMirror Gallery and MBuddy, the first-ever Web 3.0+ identity service, the NFT platform on Oasis has been expanded with the addition of MLaunch. MLaunch, an innovative code-free NFT Launchpad that allows an NFT project to make launch decisions based on data-backed insights towards the participants. Combining MLaunch with MetaMirror Gallery, which allows for NFT trading and community engagement, MetaMirror has grown and evolved to be the first fully-fledged NFT marketplace.

What is MetaMirror?

MetaMirror is not only a marketplace to sell and trade NFTs but also a place to expand NFTs to a broader community. There are many NFT collections coming up in the near future, however, some of the notable collections that went live were:

  • The Oasis AI ROSE NFT Collection is a set of 999 AI-generated images of roses supported by the MetaMirror platform and tokenized (minted) on the Oasis Network into NFTs. To reward active Oasis community members there were 999 spots on a whitelist, each spot qualifying members to receive one AI ROSE NFT free.
  • ‘Army of Minions’ is a new exclusive NFT collection, available on the MetaMirror Gallery on the Oasis Network. Created by an artist and scientist who goes by the name ‘bishop’, the NFTs are a composite of the two fields. The limited-edition NFT collection infuses distinct personalities and mathematical equations, resulting in a masterpiece of unique digital artwork. It’s also the first collection that utilises the confidentially features that are enabled on the Oasis network.

What is MLaunch?

MLaunch is a new launchpad built on top of MetaMirror that helps artists embrace NFT technology by providing:

  • Code-free minting service
    Minting NFTs and hosting NFT sales events, such as whitelist minting and public minting, requires coding skills, but with MLaunch, artists can construct their NFT Smart Contract and set up launch events with just a few clicks.
  • Automated community engagement
    Establishing an engaged buyer community requires effort. However, as MLaunch is part of the bigger MetaMirror project, artists have additional access to data-backed insights of their community during any NFT launch. By creating their own MBuddy space, they can manage retweets, invites, check-ins, chats, and other tasks in one place.
  • Bridging Web2 fans to Web3
    MLaunch helps artists’ fans bridge their identities from Web2 to Web3, which allows the artists to interact with their fans’ mirrored identities through MBuddy.

Learn more here

NFT Art Week Starting Soon

Starting Monday, 30 May 2022, one handpicked artist will be releasing an exclusive to Oasis NFT collection every day for five days. Each artist has chosen MetaMirror for their collection for its ease of use and growing community, and we will be running several activities during the week, from AMA sessions to unique giveaways.

Keep an eye out on our social media feeds for upcoming announcements.

Why is Oasis the Best Network to Support NFTs?

Oasis is the leading scalable and privacy-enabled blockchain, making it the clear choice for creators to build NFTs. A combination of high throughput and secure architecture means the Oasis Network can power Tokenized Data use cases, which will allow users to take control of the data they generate and earn rewards creating the first-ever responsible data economy.

Oasis is always ready to welcome new projects to the Network, and we have a $235 million Ecosystem System Fund and a BLOOM Grants program to help you get started.

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