Oasis Bloom Hackathon Winners — Interview with Histopia

We talk to Saber from Histopia, for a behind-the-scenes look at the Oasis Bloom Hackathon Innovator Award-winning team.

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We talk to Saber from Histopia, for a behind-the-scenes look at the Oasis Bloom Hackathon Innovator Award-winning team.

What is your project about?

Histopia is a blockchain-based MMORPG that integrated a DeFi layer on top of the Histopia MetaVerse. By introducing the concept of Proof of Military(PoM), we made a transparent GameFi economy model that will act as the incentive mechanism for Histopia MetaVerse. Histopians will be the warriors, workers, farmers, and rulers of this Multi-Planet world.

Web3 is about innovating, disrupting, and evolving industries. What industry is your project aiming to evolve, and what are the specific issues you want to solve?

Gaming and 3d experience are the main focus of Histopia. But Web3 is about making things more secure and transparent, so we have designed a complex economy model on top of a social simulation platform of Histopia MetaVerse. Giving ownership of real-world assets back to the users is now possible with Web3, and we are also going to give the Governance of this world back to its users.

Where does your project name come from? Where did you get the inspiration?

Histopia is a world that we literally and figuratively designed from scratch. At the start of the pandemic, we felt the need for a real-world simulator with a trustless economy model on top of it. A new ERA (History) that is designed to be perfect in any way (utopia), which we called Histopia.

What does your typical day look like?

Like any other startup at its early stages, we, as the founders, have to participate in almost every aspect of Histopia; daily meetings with the development and art team are the perfect way to start the day after a coffee :) If you have to think of the design of the smart contracts, I recommend chopping onions. At least then you can say onions are the reason for your tears, not the difficulty of designing trustless yet UX-friendly contracts, just kidding :) So as you can guess, cooking new recipes is in my routine. You can’t live in a beach city without going to the beach once in a while, so if I have the free time, I will go for a swim.

Why did you decide to build on Oasis Network? Is there anything that excites you specifically about the Oasis community and team?

One of the most important things that we love about Oasis Network is its stability and scalability. We needed a scalable and reliable infrastructure for Histopia, so we are really glad we chose Oasis as one of our first planets.

Who is on your team? Tell us a few things about you, your roles, and your passions. How did you meet each other and decide to work together?

We are a team of 5 developers and 10 part-time artists that worked with each other on multiple projects as a consultant or a developer. Hadi and I have been working together for almost 3 years and started a startup called OxyDev, and ever since, we have expanded our team and portfolio.

What excites you most about blockchain & Web3? Are there any “crazy dreams” you have for the industry, and how it will affect our broader society?

Decentralization is one of my personal aims. We tried to play our role by helping the mass adoption of the Web3 movement. I can’t wait to see people migrate from the web2 to the next generation of the Internet and see the impact of this movement in real life (politics, climate, small business).

What are your future goals; where do you see yourself in 2–3 years from now? What’s next for you?

Histopia lets me bring my utopia into existence, so I’ll try to work on it and learn as much as I can. If I’m lucky enough, one day I’ll see the impact of Histopia on people and their life.

What are some obstacles you faced while building your project? What did you learn?

Building a team and finding same-goal people to join us has been a challenge for us. But I’m grateful for the people we’ve encountered and the lessons we’ve learned so far. Writing our game engine was the decision, and we invested so much time and resources in it because we believe that to convince people to move to Web3, we have to compete with the fancy world of Web2 :)

Who is your Web3 hero? Who do you admire in this space?

Satoshi :) I remember the night that I first read his masterpiece, bitcoin whitepaper, and then I read it again and again. It was the simplest and yet, at the same time the most comprehensive solution to one of mankind’s oldest problems.

What is your motto?

Thou shalt be decentralized /\-_-/\

What do you like to do outside work?

I guess I mentioned a few, but I also love playing tennis with Hadi, hiking, and traveling :)

Also, I want to thank the community and the Oasis team for their support and stay tuned for our mainnet launch in late June.

Stay in touch with Histopia

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