Q2 2022 Oasis Community Townhall Recap

Another quarter over, and what a quarter it was for the Oasis Community. In this Community Townhall we covered:Exciting engineering updatesCurrent and upcoming ecosystem growth factsHackathon Bloom 7 dApps project winnersZoom on Genetica and Oasis Labs partnershipThe first lending protocol — Fountain Protocol — their vision and upcoming features development.Oasis NFT ecosystem growth with a highlight on the first NFT Marketplace MetaMirror and their achievements.Our attendance at Consensus 2022.

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Another quarter over, and what a quarter it was for the Oasis Community. In this Community Townhall we covered:

  • Exciting engineering updates
  • Current and upcoming ecosystem growth facts
  • Hackathon Bloom 7 dApps project winners
  • Zoom on Genetica and Oasis Labs partnership
  • The first lending protocol — Fountain Protocol — their vision and upcoming features development.
  • Oasis NFT ecosystem growth with a highlight on the first NFT Marketplace MetaMirror and their achievements.
  • Our attendance at Consensus 2022.

You can see the full recording on our YouTube channel and download the slides here.

Key engineering highlights

We’re building! The engineering team has worked to improve and elevate Oasis’s vision of leading with our privacy-enabled and scalable layer-1 blockchain network.

  • Cipher Testnet is now ready to deploy confidential smart contracts making us a step closer to making it available on the main net.
  • It is now possible to submit encrypted transactions through the CLI.
  • We’re working on enabling ParaTime to talk to each other with Inter-ParaTime.
  • We’re achieving higher performance with the support of the latest 3rd generation of Intel Xeon CPUs.
  • Confidential EVM Paratime is being built now and coming by the end of June.

A Growing Ecosystem

Our Ecosystem fund has grown from $160M last year to $235M, thanks to our backers such as Binance Labs and ventures, and we’re looking forward to more exciting applications being built on Oasis Network.

  • Growing Defi ecosystem, the integration of the market-leading yield aggregators Autofarm and Beefy, and more platforms launching soon.
  • The Oasis NFT ecosystem is bubbling with more artists and collectors coming to the network through NFT Marketplaces such as MetaMirror.
  • More than 30 gaming projects are coming to Oasis Network, covering most gaming genres.
  • DApps that leverage confidential features of Oasis Network are coming to life soon.

We are pleased to announce Oasis Bloom Hackathon Winners — with two main categories, Defi and GameFi, we were thrilled to see the number and quality of applications we received. You can learn more about the winners here. If you’re a developer or founder, reach out to us through our Grant program or social media.

Bringing precision medicine to Web3

Following a year-long partnership, we bring together the first of its kind precision medicine to Web3. In December 2021, 30,000 genetics profiles were moved to Oasis Network. Learn more here.

GenomicDao is launching on June 22nd on Oasis Network for post-covid stroke prevention, allowing users to drive and govern this initiative.

Fountain Protocol building and thriving

Fountain Protocol is adding more features to its growing platform:

  • Support of more tokens as collateral and the soon launch of USDx.
  • The launch of a DEX Aggregator in June
  • Initial Farming Offering to support new project on Oasis
  • Lottery feature to launch in June.

Oasis Network & partners are paving the way for NFT adoption.

Oasis is working toward positioning itself as a key player in the NFT space. With this in mind, the team and partners have put effort into building and promoting the ecosystem.

  • Launch of the first Confidentials NFTs with “An Army of Minions” by bishop — leading the way to more innovative NFTs.

MetaMirror Gallery is a growing as an NFT Marketplace platform with:

  • Over 6k active NFT collectors
  • 14 NFT collections
  • Over 7M $ROSE trading volume

Mlaunch release as a code-free minting service allowing creators to host their minting events (WhiteListing, presales, and configuring unboxing events). Mlaunch will bring a new way to market and run NFT projects by benefiting from Web 2 engagement data such as social media interaction in Web 3 space.

Last week also featured an Art Week, where five artists and collectives joined together to launch on MetaMirror. Activities rolled out during the week helped the community discover new artists and learn more about how Oasis Network contributes to the ecosystem. If you missed the Twitter Space here, check out our Reddit AMA, where some interesting questions were asked.

Event participation

After being locked down indoors, Oasis Network and its backers will be joining the most prominent upcoming blockchain events. Starting with Consensus 2022, we will be hosting an exclusive session on “DEFI Discussions: Discover what it takes to succeed in Defi & Web3 from renowned investors” during Money Reimagined.

Also, Oasis Labs Founder, Dawn Song, will be participating in the “Is My Algorithm Biased? The imperative of inclusion for Crypto” discussion on June 11th at 11:30 (CT).

Thanks for tuning in! You can catch the full recap at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EP1GsN2LvQc and download the slides here.

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