Unique NFT Collections Live on Oasis Network

Oasis has seen a significant rise in NFT projects being created on the network, with dozens of collections already live.

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Oasis has seen a significant rise in NFT projects being created on the network, with dozens of collections already live. Oasis released its first ever NFT project on the network called “Oasis AI Rose NFTs” and to further engage with its community and display the NFT capabilities of the network, 999 AI-generated roses were minted and airdropped to users.

Some of the unique collections currently live are:

Oasis Punks

Oasis Punks is the first punk collection on the Oasis blockchain. They have designed more than 180 custom attributes to give a unique look to the Oasis Punk collection, and think they’re pretty swag! Many traits were designed specifically to pay tribute to the Oasis ecosystem. Oasis Punks creators are 0xPunk, Punk Norris and CryptoChris. 0xPunk is a full-time solidity developer while Punk Norris works at a big tech company and does crypto on the side. They’ve both been freelancing a lot, did security auditing, and now are in together to launch an NFT collection on Emerald/Oasis. CryptoChris is an economist, bizdev and crypto enthusiast with a passion for music and photography. His artistry is ethereal when he’s not busy working for Fortune 500 companies.

An Army of Minions

An Army of Minions is an experiment that finds the beauty of math and artificial intelligence through art. Each Minion’s DNA is created entirely via a vast sequence of mathematical manipulations. Through the near-infinite combination of numbers and functions possible, the first angry Minion came to life. The discovery of the specific chain of manipulations to reveal such humaneseque faces makes their existence so unlikely and beguiling. In total, the exploration created 98 Minions and 77 of those were minted as NFTs in the An Army of Minions collection.

Oasis Apes Club

The Oasis Apes Club NFT project is a limited Profile-Picture(PFP) with added utility community-driven collection fully native to the Oasis Emerald Parachain. With a supply of only 3,333 algorithmically generated Apes with hundreds of Hand-Drawn traits accompanied by a complex rarity system, they strive to become a blue-chip NFT project on the Oasis Network!


RoseApes is a first NFT-launchpad hybrid project build on Oasis Network. NFTs unique artwork is based on brutal enhanced cyber apes with a theme of $ROSES. Besides owning unique art, NFTs will give access to the first Oasis Launchpad and its community connecting to the best projects, staking, trading and ability to support Oasis projects early. RoseApes was founded by experts in the field of crypto/blockchain. These experts include a PhD analyst, former HP, Oracle and IBM Enterprise soft engineer, node runners, content creators and a team of early investors with 5M+ deployed capital and access to multiple investing communities!

Oasis WoW

Oasis WoW is not just another collection of NFT’s, it is a collection looking to show the importance of women in the world and the steps they are taking to fight for equal opportunities in all sectors. Cofounders Urii, Punyi, & Marina are on a mission to create a safe space that respects equality, and diversity by showing the beauty of women in the NFT world through the Oasis Network.


DAOEmeralds is the first NFTDao on the Oasis Network and is minting 777 unique NFTs. Each Emerald NFT grants access to the DAO community and to the DAO assets. DAOEmeralds is giving value and voting rights to all their owners! The DAO will establish diversified strategies to produce income and yield for its owners such as fractionalizing, trading and staking of NFTs. In the future, part of the proceeds will be used to farm other NFTs or tokens in order to produce monthly passive income for our NFT holders.

Why is Oasis the best network to support NFTs?

Oasis enables privacy-preserving technology to expand the design space and potential for NFTs. Programmable privacy gives NFT creators more choices and flexibility when creating their tokens, best exemplified by bishop’s Army of Minions where the functions that created the artwork will only be accessible to the owners of the NFT through the use of Parcel, the Oasis privacy preserving technology.

As the official EVM compatible ParaTime on the Oasis Network, Emerald allows for:

  • Easy Integration with EVM-based DApps, such as DeFi, NFT, and Crypto Gaming
  • Scalability — Increased Throughput of Transactions
  • Low-Cost — 99%+ Lower Fees Than Ethereum
  • Cross-Chain Bridge to Enable Cross-Chain Interoperability

Oasis Network Welcomes All Builders

Are you an innovator and thinker wanting to make your ideas a reality? Oasis provides extensive support for the brightest and boldest minds in crypto. Through our $235 million Ecosystem Fund and Grants Program creators are encouraged to apply and receive best-in-class support to build on Oasis. We welcome all new projects to the network and provide assistance to encourage innovation and help build a better tomorrow.

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