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Wrapping Up the 2022 Oasis Content Games

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The 2022 Oasis Content Games have come to a close! We were overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude for the number of participants that joined the inaugural Oasis Content Games. Over 54,000 people participated in the community contest and over 460 people created Oasis-themed art, videos, memes, articles, and GIFs for a chance to win one of the Content Awards. Between the Content Award contestants, over 1,000 pieces of content were submitted for review! The Oasis team was impressed with our community’s creativity, innovation, and diverse array of talents.

We launched the Oasis Content Games to celebrate our community’s creativity and highlight the growing importance of creativity and art across the Oasis community. As NFTs continue to launch on the Oasis Network, following the launch of the AI ROSE NFT Collection, the launch of the marketplace for trading and selling AI ROSE NFTs, and the upcoming launch of the Oasis Network on NFTb, we can’t wait to see more of our community members collect, trade, and soon create NFTs!

The Winners of the 2022 Oasis Content Games

Introducing the winners of the 2022 Oasis Content Games! If you were selected for one of the sixteen (16) awards, we will be in contact with you shortly to process your $ROSE prize. Congratulations to the winners — and thank you to everyone who participated!

Meme Wizard Award — Awarded to the best memes created for the Oasis community.

1st Place, 1000 $ROSE — Jarvey Howie’s video mock of “Squid Game,” the most-watched series on Netflix in 2021 (streamed for 1.65B hours). The “Squid Game” series touches on several themes around capitalism and closed finance that the Oasis Network aims to fix. Meta levels of satire and humor!? Sign us up.

[resize output image]
By Jarvey Howie

2nd Place, 750 $ROSE — Amarendra Singh’s memes highlighting the biggest part of the Oasis Network: Our community, our belief, inclusion, and support of one another, and our vision for a better internet, improved future, and accessible web3 for all. A project is only as powerful as the people behind it, only as perseverant as the trust within its community, and only as valuable as the diversity, intelligence, and innovation it champions. Our community, and the Oasis ecosystem at large, is in our hearts!

By Amarendra Singh
By Amarendra Singh

3rd Place 500 $ROSE — Moises Silva’s memes that showcase what the Oasis Network’s core features mean for the future of data ownership and accessible DeFi. A core vision of building the metaverse is to prioritize the power of the individual and community over the power of the institution, and empowering individuals with data sovereignty is a key step in that direction.

By Moises Silva
By Moises Silva

Modern Van Gogh Award — Awarded to the most creative, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing visual content.

1st Place 1000 $ROSE —Ahmed Ismaei’s Oasis-inspired art that showcases the Oasis Foundation being worshipped by the Egyptian Pharaohs, thought to be the mediator between the cosmos and humankind.

By Ahmed Ismaei

2nd Place 750 $ROSE — Vyshnav Monu’s video art and Billboard rendition showing the Oasis brand at the center of urban life.

By Vyshnav Monu
[resize output image]
By Vyshnav Monu

3rd Place 500 $ROSE — Daniel Bares’ illustration of a woman holding a rose with the Oasis Network on the moon, paying homage to the recent launch of the AI ROSE NFT Collection, the first NFT collection built on Oasis.

By Daniel Bares

Filmmaker Award — Awarded to the most creative video and motion content (including GIFs!).

1st Place, 1000 $ROSE — Alejandro Bosch’s creative motion video showcasing an Oasis-themed rocket ship flying into space (and towards the moon), as well as a futuristic city covered in the Oasis brand palette.

[resize output image]
By Alejandro Bosch

2nd Place, 750 $ROSE — Semih Mantar’s comedic rendition of a martial arts battle, positioning Oasis as the strongest network for scalable, accessible, innovative DeFi.

[resize output image]
By Semih Mantar

3rd Place, 500 $ROSE — Jose Cabrera’s Oasis-themed mock video of Indiana Jones discovering one of the most powerful items on the planet: Oasis itself!

On Brand Award — 1000 $ROSE Prize awarded to the best content that pays homage to Oasis’ core identity, network features, recent partnerships, and/or major developments in the network.

Winner — Mike Monso’s Oasis logo motion renditions that feature exploding roses, in celebration of $ROSE and the AI ROSE NFT Collection.

[resize output image]
By Jose Cabrera

Most Popular Award — 1000 $ROSE Prize awarded to the content that received the Highest Engagement across all social media and community platforms.

Winner — Deven Deff’s GIF incorporating the Oasis brand into one of the internet’s favorite Spongebob memes, which received over 100 retweets and over 400 likes.

By Deven Deff

All Hands On Deck Awards — 350 $ROSE Prize awarded to five (5) people at random who participated in the community contest missions.

Winner 1 — Elizabeth Margot Paredes from Sweden

Winner 2 — Kamel Loudahi from France

Winner 3 — Reynaldo Chavez from Mexico

Winner 4 — Deung Dexter from China

Winner 5 — Alex Moraga from Spain

Honorable Content Mentions (Runner-Ups)

Erick Hernandez’s meme inspired by $ROSE and the Titanic.

Luka Kovacevic’s video spoof of American Psycho.

Johnel Quinones’ art “One Huge Step for Blockchain.”

Artem Glebov’s video recapping the Oasis Network’s 2021 wins.

Muhammet Raif Kızılkaya’s memes about YuzuSwap + $ROSE and the Oasis Network.

Juan Antonio Ordax Rodriguez’s physical woodwork of the Oasis logo (shown below).

By Juan Antonio Ordax Rodriguez

Stay Tuned — Your Content Might Be Highlighted in 2022!

We appreciate each person who participated in the 2022 Oasis Content Games and are excited to share our community’s creativity across social media. Even if you were not selected as a final winner of the 2022 Oasis Content Games, your content still has a chance of being highlighted on one of our social media channels!

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