The 2020 Oasis Roundup

Let’s rollback the clock and look at the highlights of what the Oasis Community has accomplished this year.

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Let’s rollback the clock and look at the highlights of what the Oasis Community has accomplished this year.


Let’s rollback the clock and look at what the Oasis Community has accomplished this year.

  • The Oasis Network was featured as one of the fastest growing Layer-1 networks in Electric Capital’s year-end report
  • Companies like Nebula Genomics, the BMW Group, Binance CryptoSafe Alliance and more launched projects on the Oasis Platform.
  • The Oasis Foundation partnered with over a dozen DeFi projects to bring a privacy-enabled open finance applications to the Oasis Network.
  • After an incentivized tesnet, The Amber Network, and more, the Oasis Network went live this year! The upgrade took less than 30s and the network already has over 1.1M signed blocks.
  • The community has grown tremendously this year with programs like the Oasis ROSE Garden which added 6.7k new wallet holders to the network and the Community Cup which rewarded over 146k tokens to winners.

What a year it has been!

2020 has been an incredible journey for the Oasis Network and the Oasis community who built it. News about the Oasis Network was covered in over 40 outlets, including Cointelegraph, CoinDesk, and The Block, and featured as one of the fastest growing Layer-1 networks in Electric Capital’s year-end report.

With dozens of partnerships announced, the launch of the largest University program in blockchain, the release of successful Mainnet, 2020 marks not only a critical milestone towards realizing our vision for a privacy-enabled blockchain platform, but also marks the beginning of a journey that we hope you and many others will join us on.

So let’s roll back the clock and revisit some of the big moments that made 2020 special for the Oasis Community.

The Road to Mainnet

The Quest

We kicked off the year with the goal of launching Mainnet. That started with The Quest, a 4-month staking competition designed to stress-test the Oasis Network before it launched and a chance for the community to give us feedback on the Network’s initial design. Participants were rewarded for completing challenges like signing the most blocks, discovering the best attack, top availability and more. The Quest had over 400 node operators join, and rewarded over 12M ROSE to 70+ participants. The program was a large success and a great way for the community to test the Oasis Network before it went live.

The Amber Network

With The Quest complete, the community launched the Oasis Amber Network in June. It was the first release candidate for Mainnet, and a critical milestone towards releasing Mainnet. The Amber Network allowed Node operators to begin configuring their setups for Mainnet, and gave the team a final chance to kick the tires, before beginning the process of launching Mainnet.


We ended the year with our biggest moment yet — Mainnet. After years of hard work, the Oasis Community released the first ever privacy-enabled, scalable blockchain for private DeFi and Data Tokenization. Mainnet went live in under 30 seconds with over 70 unique and independent validator nodes active on the Network. As of 12/15 the network has over 1.1M signed blocks with an average block time of less than 6 seconds.

One of the Fastest Growing Communities in Blockchain

The backbone of any blockchain ecosystem are the developers building apps on the network. In 2020, with Mainnet fast approaching, the Foundation launched new programs and events designed to help developers get started. These included giving grants to 30+ compelling new projects in our DevAccelerator & Grants Program, working with industry leaders to incorporate blockchain technology into their stack, and announcing new partnerships with over a dozen new DeFi projects. The result was Oasis being listed as one of the fastest growing layer-1 protocols in Electric Capitals annual report.

Here are just a few examples of the exciting projects being built on the Oasis Platform:

  • Binance CryptoSafe Alliance: Crypto theft and attacks are on the rise, and exchanges need a platform to identify and ban bad actors. The CryptoSafe Platform was developed by Oasis Labs and Binance to allow exchanges to share threat intelligence data. Because of the Oasis Network’s support for confidential compute, exchange data is kept confidential even while it’s being compared. 2021 is a big year for the CryptoSafe Alliance. We will be bringing more partners to the alliance with growth in contributed threat intelligence to help secure crypto transactions. Stay tuned for more exciting developments.
  • Nebula Genomics: Nebula Genomics wants to differentiate their product from other competitors by giving their users control of their genetic data. Using Oasis’ framework, customers can retain ownership of their genomic data and Nebula Genomics can run analysis on the data without seeing the customer’s raw information.
  • The BMW Group: Oasis Labs is working with the BMW Group on an early-stage project to create innovative privacy solutions that leverage differential privacy and set a new standard for responsible data use in the automotive industry.

The Next Generation of DeFi

By providing end-to-end data confidentiality on Blockchain, the Oasis Network unlocks new and exciting use cases in DeFi. From under-collateralized lending to preventing front/back running, the Oasis Network can help expand DeFi beyond traders and early adopters to a mainstream market.

This year we doubled-down on our commitment to expand the Oasis Network’s DeFi Ecosystem, kickstarting over a dozen new DeFi integrations with leading projects such as Meter, Chainlink, Balancer, and more. In 2021 we’ll redouble our efforts, continuing to announce new partnerships with more well-known names and bringing these exciting integrations to fruition.

Easy DApp Development with BSN

In November, we launched an integration with BSN, a public infrastructure network for cross-platform DApp development. Through BSN developers are given a set of development tools that make it easy to build new applications and privacy-first tooling on the Oasis Network at affordable prices. Partnerships like these are part of a continued effort to make development on the Oasis Network fast and affordable for developers.

The Oasis-Eth Hackathon

In October we hosted the Second State Hackathon to help showcase the new addition of the Oasis-Eth ParaTime to the Oasis Network. With over 3k smart contracts deployed and over 700 apps created, the hackathon was a great opportunity for developers to test out the powerful, new Oasis-Eth Paratime that is completely backwards compatible with Ethereum, but with better performance and lower gas fees.

The Quest for ROSE Hackathon

We co-hosted our Quest for ROSE hackathon on Gitcoin in November, where developers competed for over $11K in prizes by building privacy preserving apps with the Parcel SDK and Ethereum compatible Apps on the Oasis-Eth ParaTime by SecondState. The winning projects made some exciting new apps. Check them out here.

Staking on the Oasis Network

When Mainnet launched it not only generated a token, but also gives all community members an opportunity to participate in the network by staking their tokens! Not only is the Oasis Network growing it’s number of delegators through programs like the ROSE Garden, but it also has a robust ecosystem of wallets and staking tools available today and under development from Ledger, Bitpie, Anthem from Chorus One, and the RockX wallet. If you’re interested in staking visit our Token Economics primer to learn more.

A huge community driving Oasis Network adoption

This year also saw tremendous growth in the Oasis Community and ecosystem. The Oasis Community hosted over a dozen AMA’s on our Telegram channel and attended more than 50 events, including Consensus, San Francisco Blockchain Week, the Responsible Data Summit and more.

The Oasis ROSE Garden

In October we launched the ROSE Garden on CoinList, which added over 6.7k new wallet holders to the Oasis Network. This first-of-its kind program was designed to provide an easy way for Oasis Community members to gain access to the ROSE token and incentivize token holders to help secure the Oasis Network by staking with validators. During ROSE Farm, participants were able to contribute a maximum of $2,000 in USDC or USDT to a locked pool, which now represents over $10.5M Total Value Locked. The program also added over 3,000 delegators from more than 100 countries as part of ROSE Cultivate.

The ROSE Garden was one of CoinList’s most successful projects, a testament to the excitement for the Oasis Network and a sign of more lockup programs like ROSE Garden to come.

Oasis Community Cups

Alongside these events, the Oasis Protocol Foundation kickstarted a variety of programs designed to help support the growth of the Oasis Network. We hosted over 7 weeks of Community Cup competitions, rewarding the community for their creative contributions to the ecosystem. The competition had over 4.5k participants with tokens awarded to 88 winners. If you’d like to take part and earn ROSE tokens, join our Telegram channel to stay up to date on new Community Cup Competitions.

The Oasis University Program

The Foundation also launched the Oasis University Program. With over 25 participating Universities and university clubs enrolled, the program is the largest of its kind, and a great way for students to start running nodes and building DApps on the Oasis Network.

The Oasis Ambassador Program

And to cap it all off, the community also kickstarted the Ambassador Program, where volunteers passionate about the Oasis Network run meetups, write and translate content, answer developer questions, manage online communities, stress test the Oasis Network and more.‌ This passionate group of over 100 Ambassadors is growing strong communities worldwide, including Bangladesh, France, Vietnam, India, Brazil, Korea, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, China, South Korea, Turkey, and more.

Sharing Our Vision

This year we introduced our vision to expand blockchain beyond early adopters through a new paradigm we call Data Tokenization. With tokenized data we can not only unlock new use cases in DeFi that leverage sensitive, real world data, but also empower individuals to better control how their data is used by applications and the corporations that build them.

We introduced these concepts in our seminal paper “Blockchain 3.0 — Secure Data Tokenization”. This manifesto outlines how smart contracts in combination with confidential compute can create programmable data rights, a new abstraction that we believe can help evolve blockchain technology beyond early adopters and traders and into mainstream markets.

Looking Forward

This is not just the end of a journey, but also the start of a Network that we hope will reshape DeFi, expand blockchain beyond early adopters, and fundamentally change how we value and share our personal data. That effort starts in 2021 — a year of new beginnings.

To help us along the way, we need more thinkers, privacy advocates, and decentralized believers to pioneer this new space of tokenized data and private DeFi. We need a new breed of developers to start building privacy first-applications, and we need the next-generation of blockchain enthusiasts to contribute to and help shape the Oasis Network in the years to come. If that sounds like you, join our community today and help us usher in a new era of blockchain.

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